Top Shelf Killer Craw

Top Shelf is known throughout the fishing industry for having some of the most pristine colors imaginable, and now Top Shelf is proud to introduce the latest addition to their lineup – the Top Shelf 3.75" Killer Craw. Made 100% in the USA, it is poured with the highest quality plastic available for the ultimate durability - fish after fish. The ultimate craw bait, it delivers an action second-to-none, complete with pincers that float up when it's at rest just like a craw in a defensive position. Whether it's fished on a Texas-rig or as a jig trailer, the thick, ringed body of the Top Shelf 3.75" Killer Craw allows for easy rigging. Available in a number of refined colors, the Top Shelf 3.75" Killer Craw is sure to knock 'em "dead."

length quantity
3.75" 5
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Complete line of colors

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