Meet The Top Shelf Team


Derek Remitz

Derek Remitz started his Elite career like he was shot out of a cannon. He won his first tournament on Lake Amistad and finished second on the California Delta in his second event. He ended the year as the ROY and ranked 25th in the AOY race. There were 12 rookies in the 2007 class, and three of them qualified for the Classic

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Kevin Ledoux

"Fishing professionally has been a dream of mine for about 15 years. I made the move to fishing professional level tournaments in 2008 and haven't looked back. Finishing 5th in the 2011 BASS Central Opens point standings, I qualified for the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series!"
facebook: Kevin Ledoux Fishing

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Cody Meyer 

Cody is a former FLW Everstart Angler of the Year and has not finished below 11th in the last 4 Forrest Wood Cup championships. In 2012 he finished 5th on the FLW Tour Majors List and never missed a check last year.
facebook: Cody Meyer Angler

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Chris Zaldain

Chris Zaldain is a four time Forrest Wood Cup Qualifier. He has taken his knowledge of swimbait fishing out east and proved the effectiveness of the big bait in all bodies of water. Chris is always a threat to win when the swimbait bite is on. His favorite bait is the 5" Magnum Deep Runner in Ayu Special.
• 2011 Angler of the Year - B.A.S.S. OPENS
• Qualified for 2012 Bassmaster Elite Tour

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Nick Wood

Nick is known for being a Swimbait junky! From Yreka, CA. He's responsible for the biggest sack of spotted bass ever weighed at an ABA Lake Shasta event. 28.5lbs for 5 fish in March of 2011. All his fish were caught on a Top Shelf Magnum 7" deep runner in the "Game Over" color. He also claims several big wins and Angler of the Year titles throwing Top Shelf Swimbaits.

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K.C. Harris

K.C. Harris is a well known stick on Lake Shasta in Redding, CA. He's coming off a 2012 Everstart Western Division win at Lake Shasta and had a top 5 finish in the FLW National Guard in 2010. He is a threat whenever there is a swimbait bite. His favorite bait is a Top Shelf Magnum Deep Runner 7" Spot Candy.

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Chris Fancelli

Chris Fancelli from Redding, CA is a local stick on the western lakes. He has multiple wins and Angler of the Year titles: including 6th in FLW National Guard on Shasta Lake in 2010 and Future Pro Angler of the Year. His favorite bait is a Top Shelf Magnum Deep Runner Jr. 5" x 7" Light Hitch.

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jared Lintner

B.A.S.S. EARNINGS: $698,964.00
HOMETOWN: Arroyo Grande, CA
BIRTHDATE: September 05, 1973
FAMILY: (wife) Keri (children) Jc, Allese, Jayden
HOBBIES: All Fishing And Hunting

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