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Zaldainadvanced300x200.jpgFeatured in 4/7/2011

For the most part, swimbaits have received the reputation as giant lures used by giant weirdo’s from the left coast to catch freaky bass that eat trout and act more like striper than they do largemouth.  Let’s be perfectly clear; they are.  Swimbaits are the 12 to 14-inch monster baits that require an angler to spend copious amounts of time in the gym pumping iron in order to throw them over the course of a day.

However; they are more than the tennis show lure as they have been described.  After wins on the major tours by Steve Kennedy, Todd Faircloth, Jason Williamson, Byron Velvick and Skeet Reese; swimbaits have gone mainstream, and they are now global. >>> read more