Ray Hanselman is a big fan of the Top Shelf swimbait because “it’ll run true no matter how fast you reel it. It runs straight as an arrow,” he said. “I’ve been fishing swimbaits a long because it’s by far the most consistent producer down here. That’s my favorite one.” >> read more

Top Shelf Tackle Win on Lake Amistad

Posted by admin on February 17, 2015


Ray Hanselman says he caught a fish with each of the 20 rods he had rigged, but the baits that produced the bulk of his catch were a Top Shelf swimbait, a Bill Norman DD22 deep-diving crankbait in a baby carp-imitating color and a Wahoo Lures Wing Ding. The Wing Ding produced the most keepers, but the swimbait duped Hanselman’s biggest fish. >> read more

Game-changing Swimbaits with Kevin Ledoux

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Story by Russ Bassdozer - Photo PAA

When he’s in position to possibly win a tournament, PAA and Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin Ledoux of Choctaw, Arkansas likes to switch to swimbaits that are about as big as his shoe in order to maximize his chances for a big bag on the final day. All he needs are five bites on the final day, the biggest he can get, and swimbaits are the ticket. His favorites are the Top Shelf Magnum Deep Runner soft swimbaits which have more of a tight wiggle, and he backs that up with the Roman Made Negotiator, a hard wooden jointed swimbait which traces more of an S-shaped waver through the water. Ledoux used this combination of swimbaits on the final day of the PAA Tournament Series tournament held on Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma during November 2013 where Ledoux finished high in 5th place. > read more

Author: Brad Wiegmann

It seems like just yesterday when Derek Remitz won the 2007 Bassmaster Elite Series Battle on the Boarder tournament on Lake Amistad. Now having fished in over 110 B.A.S.S. tournaments, Remitz seems like a veteran among the Bassmaster Elite anglers. Remitz always seems to place in the money with at least 71 top 50 finish, but his goal this year in the Bassmaster Elite Series is to qualify for the 2014 Bassmaster Classic to be held on Lake Guntersville in Alabama. >>> read more

Rick Correa, owner of Top Shelf Tackle, took home BIGGEST BASS OF THE WESTERN WON BASS OPEN, winning $9,000 and a New Lowrance HDS 7 touch. He also took 4th overall.


Rick Correa
Top Shelf Tackle LLC

topShelf_wonbass2.jpg topShelf_wonbass1.jpg

topShelf_wonbass3.jpg topShelf_wonbass4.jpg

Top Shelf Killer Craw captures Big Bass

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Rick Correa, owner of Top Shelf Tackle, captured Big Bass at the Won Bass Tour Western Open on June 10, 2013. Day one Big Bass, 9.4 lbs. worth $800 and caught on the New Top Shelf Killer Craw. See results and more info at WonBass.com

Bassmaster.com - Gifts for Dads and Grads

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Top Shelf Tackle is best known for its swimbaits, which many of the Elite Series pros throw. However, the company has expanded its line of baits using the same durable plastic formula that feature a dazzling color palette. The Magic Stick is hand-poured in California by Americans. >>> see more gifts



topshelftackle_schoolingmin250x247.jpgBy David Hunter Jones - May 29, 2013

What is it?
Top Shelf Tackle Schooling Minnow, a hand-poured Fluke-style jerkbait.

What does it do?
It does the soft jerkbait thing with a different look than the fish in your pond have ever seen.

How do I use it?
There are many ways to use soft jerkbaits, which is part of the reason why they are so popular. The other reason is because they flat-out catch fish. There are few baits that mimic a baitfish as well as a soft jerkbait, booth in look and action. The action in already in this proven design, and now the colors are in another dimension. Many anglers use soft jerkbaits on weightless wide-gap hooks, but if you want a little more casting distance and a shimmy on the fall, use a weighted hook. These are also at home on drop shot rigs, Carolina rigs and as trailers on ChatterBaits and the like. >>> read more

Top Shelf Swimbaits at Lake Amistad

Posted by admin on February 20, 2013

Top Shelf Swimbaits in action on Lake Amistad. Check out the 12 lber caught on 7" light hitch magnum swimbait. Best 5 — 40lbs.

[ continue on for pictures ]

Top Shelf Swimbaits in Action!

Posted by admin on February 4, 2013

I'm tyler wilson from carlsbad, nm and fish lake amistad alot. Me and a buddy were pre_fishing for basschamps last week and we stumbled on some toads using the light hitch top shelf swimbait as you can see in the pics. These baits are hard to find down this way but just wanted to share.
Biggest being 12.3 and smallest being 7.4lbs best 5 one day went 36lbs. [ Continue on for pics ]